Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mid-Week Fun

What do you do to help the work week be more enjoyable?

I have been cultivating creative pursuits and recently, have added watching a Sci-Fi series on Netflix with V.  It is good that we are able to find little common interests like these.  We make supper, we hurry up and do dishes and go down to the TV room to watch an episode or two before we move on to other things.

Have any of you watched Fringe?  Having taken the habit of following with the male majority in my house, I have watched all of Star Wars, Star Trek (and all of it's spin offs), the X files and more recently, Game of Thrones.

This little Fringe series, filmed in Toronto and starring Joshua Jackson (a Canadian born hunklet) is innovative in its story lines and is fun to watch as the three main characters get to know each other and form a team to investigate extra-ordinary crimes or rather a series of crimes mysteriously called: The Pattern.

Tonight though, I am going out for supper with a former colleague to talk about up-coming retirement moves and plans.  Then, next thing you know, it's Thursday!

Have a good one,


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