Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yoga Love

Goddess pose... photo source:

Yoga is my friend.  At work, there is a free yoga program for employees over the lunch hour three times a week.  We have to meet in the library because it's the only available space.

So there we are between the stacks and Susan, our teacher is in the main row.  She moves up and down the row to demonstrate positions, quite an energetic little bundle that Susan.  We all love her of course because Susan IS love.

After Christmas, she began kicking our butts with Yang yoga which is much more demanding than Ying yoga.  I grumbled and stumbled and perspired.  I huffed and puffed and complained to my family.

Then, I surrendered because it was really the only option I had because quitting yoga is not an option.

I listen to my body, I do what it can do and a little bit more each time.  I am getting stronger and more energetic.  I am not bouncing off any surfaces but I am calmly more able to hurry to make the walk light, run up the ramp from the underground parking and up and down the stairs to get to meetings.

All my life I have resisted exercising per se.  I have dwelt in the house of: "I hate to perspire" and now here I am, looking forward to a stretch and a hold. Content with my performance, proud of my determination.

Yoga rocks.

Amitiés et bisous,


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