Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Break

Good thing Spring Break is coming up because I am running out of fuel.  Or is it all an illusion?  Am I running out of fuel because I know that a holiday is coming up?

I was just thinking this this morning when I looked over my schedule for the day.  I have a pretty full schedule this week and, as when I was working closer to schools I remember it always felt like we were trying to cram in as much as possible before a holiday.  It's the same where I work now.

Think of the period before Christmas holidays, at school there are exams, concerts, meetings, special lunches, Christmas parties and it's all a bit crazy because it seems like we have to exhaust ourselves before we get to have some time off.

This is what this last week is like for me; an endless stream of commitments and must dos before I can crash on Friday night and say, I'm on holidays!

March in Canada where I live is brown and dirty.  A lot of the snow has left us and what's left behind is not pretty to look at.  The trees are still sleeping but the sun becomes stronger and we feel that the ground is thawing out after a long winter.

I hope to thaw out during my week off so that when I come back, instead of being stiff with sore muscles and stress, I'll be supple and smiling at my good fortune.

V. is hanging on by his fingernails.  Being a high school principal has it's ups and downs, and in Spring, there can be a few more downs because the sap in the students is starting to thaw out and move too!

I am grateful for Spring Break.  Very grateful.


Bonne journée,


P.S. Do you feel like this before a holiday too?

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