Friday, March 2, 2012

Something to Look Forward to

I like to have something to look forward to every few months and the next months are going to be fun.

March has Spring Break in it and that is fun enough.  I am going to visit my almost 91 year old Dad who lives alone in his house and is doing marvelously.  When I am there, I will buy a lot of locally made honey which is the best in the country.

image source: Labyrinth Lodge website
April has a retreat with my reading circle in it.  We will be heading to a lovely little place in the country called Labyrinth Lodge for a weekend of conversation, walks, good food and just a lot of FUN.  April is also V. and our son D's birthday (20th).  I want to do something special for this one.

May will see me going back to my friend Mary's for more fun and another reading circle.  We are reading Growing Pains, Emily Carr's autobiography.  Carr is a very well known Canadian artist and writer. We will then visit some of her works at the Vancouver Art Gallery.  If you do not know this artist, take the time to see some of her paintings here. More on this outing later.

image source: Emily Carr website
June is exciting because it is finally warm and the last month of work before summer holidays.  June 30th is our take off date.  What can be more exhilarating than that?
Those are the more important things to look forward to but in between, I am looking forward to delights on a smaller scale:  an evening with my sister and her family, watching movies with my beloved, meeting with my reading circle around Half the Sky (see sidebar)...

And on a micro level, I look forward to my yoga classes, feeling the satisfaction of finishing up a project at work, interacting with my posse, cuddling up with V. on weekend mornings and having more than five things to be grateful for every day.

Have a great weekend!



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