Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday and Friday Take Too Long

Today's post title comes from Lorrie Morgan's Except for Monday's song.  Whenever I start a week at work, this song comes to mind:

Except for Monday which was never good anyway              
Tuesday I get a little sideways                                         
Wednesday I feel better just for spite                                
Thursday and Friday take too long                                          
Before I knew it,Saturday's gone                                               
But it's Sunday now you can bet that I'm alright

Personally, I love Friday night and Saturday morning because they are and feel like the beginning of the weekend.  Friday night we crash with the healthiest take out that we can think of and Saturday morning we lay in a little bit.  V. with TV and I with my computer or my reading or my knitting.  The rest of the day is chores, chores, chores. Sunday feels like the last chance to get some weekend in and to prepare for Monday...

Thursday is o.k. at work, it is usually a good workday because the weekend is approaching and I have the workday rhythm down pat.  Friday we wear jeans at work and the atmosphere is full of anticipation.

I wonder how the week will feel when I am retired?  Will I differentiate the days?  Will I have a little lay in every morning?  Will I have a wild late night out say on a... Tuesday?

In the meantime, it's Thursday and I have to get to work!

Bonne journée,


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