Tuesday, February 28, 2012

122 Days and a Dream Boat

We leave for France on June 30th.  Our last day of work is June 29.  It is more than just the last day of work for V.  It is his LAST day of work.

Today, I left him wrapped up in the warm and comfy cocoon of our bed.  For the first time in three years, he is missing two days work because of some heavy duty dental surgery.

I know he will be thinking about the summer heat, the spring water, saucisson, rosé, good beers that come in small bottles, the pool, Tiki Beach at St-Tropez, driving the car around countless round abouts, painting the Juliet balconies off of our bedrooms and maybe, just maybe, he will allow himself to dream about owning a boat.

He doesn't want a big boat, just one with two sleeping areas!  So that we can follow the coast in the south of France to the Italian coast where I've yet to visit Amalfi or Positano. He would be buying a boat for me, of course... to make my mini-dream come true!

Boat buying is V.'s dream.  We've already had one dream come true.  Shall we try for a second one?  Why not? Whip out the dream board, let's make a little movie about the boat we want.  Let's imagine it, draw it, decorate it and make a list of all the things we would do with it.

If we had a boat, I know that we would coast along St-Tropez for sure because V. has been taking pictures of it's yachts for years. This is a Riviera Sport Yacht.  It would be a good start.


What do you dream of?  Please tell me, it will only take a minute to write it in the comment box.  I know you are out there and I long to hear from you!

Have a good day!




labergerebasque said...

I dream of being able to re-do the farmhouse. So that is is comfortable and welcoming. Sometimes I go so far as to putting in a gite and chambres d'hotes, giving cooking lessons in the kithchen or adpting an outing to what vacationers would like to do. A way of bringing the "outside/outsiders" in. But I also dream of small and large getaways for ourselves. To see those little nooks and crannies in Europe... of taking the Sheepfarmer to Venice for Carnival (a bucket list must-do for everyone), etc.
So star "Pinteresting" the boat, what it will look like and where it will go :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a doable dream, the kind that you might inch toward. I've always wanted to investigate the Pyrenées...