Saturday, February 25, 2012


Ever since I was a child, I've watched the Oscars almost without fail.  I am looking forward to Sunday night because of the movies that are slated.  Can't say that I have seen many of them, but from the trailers and the articles I have read, I am most interested in what is coming up.

Not the least of whom is the French actor Jean Dujardin who is nominated as best actor for The Artist.  I have seen other movies with this actor and he is to me, sublime!  Handsome, funny, expressive, versatile; now there is an Oscar hopeful. The Artist hints at the glamour of past Oscar nights.
In the best actress category, my vote goes to Glenn Close for her brilliant portrayal in Albert Nobbs.  She has always been a favorite actress, not choosing roles that make her popular, but roles that show her acting ability.  She is a clever, talented woman.

I have seen The Help and Midnight in Paris, both fun movies to watch but not, according to me, Oscar calibre performances.  The Help was a great book to read, the story compelling, the characters lovable as was the movie.  Midnight in Paris was a lot of fun  because it's in Paris but mostly because you see different celebrities past come alive.  The incarnations are fun and the background, delicious.
Another Oscar nominated performance that intrigues me Demián Bichir in “A Better Life”  It looks Oscar worthy.  The story of a Mexican immigrant and his son trying to make a good life in the US is a relevant subject for the times we live in.

Tomorrow night, like countless other Oscar Sunday nights, I will be glued to the screen with my ballot in hand to help me follow the program.  You can download it here on under my picks.  You can also watch all the trailers of the nominated movies one after another on this same website.

What are your picks?  Only 24 hours to go!

Have fun!



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