Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Bathroom Saga

I have started posts about three times in the last week and have been unable to finish any of them.  It seems that inspiration has left me...

On another note, I have been a busy bee, what with Teachers' Convention on Thursday and Friday and a Valentine's outing with good friends on Saturday... and the interminable bathroom renovation which is to be done today!  I will be very excited to post pictures and put the whole saga behind me.

Regret, I have one.  Had I the TIME, I would have scoured the city for antique pieces that would have made this a more distinctive project.  Instead, it will be a regular North American bathroom.  Nothing out of the ordinary, just comfortable.

I have been spending time on Pinterest and some of the bathrooms you see there are stupendous.
This one is a beauty.  Just look at that architectural element!
Love the color of the towels too.

Love the mirror, the fabric, the painted brick wall, the daring of it.

The mirror!
The bathtub, chandelier, curtains, colors... beautiful, restful and elegant

How about that mirror and the use of the pretty side table?

If I'd had time, I would endeavoured to find lovely pieces and have V. transform them for me.  But alas!  time is not plentiful.

But you know what?  I CAN dream and take my time with the bathroom in Provence where I have a big blank canvas.  This summer, I will dress the vanity with curtains below the sink with vintage fabric I found at the brocante. Last summer, we painted that awful salmon pink trim white.  I will take my time looking for an armoire and a mirror and maybe some lovely lace for the window.  Corey is finding antique curtain clips for the vanity curtains.

Picture of the main bathroom in our apartment in France in 2008.
I look forward to sharing this less frustrating renovation project with you.  As I am always on holidays when in France, everything seems easier, and V. and I make sure we only do one thing at a time and do it well.

Bon dimanche!

xo Stella

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