Saturday, February 4, 2012

Life is a Process

The bathroom renovation is trying.  We have been inching forward but it seems that every step we take is longer than expected.  Today, the mirror for the space above the vanity arrived but it is just an inch too high and it is really too big for the space.  Beautiful but not right.  Originally, I had wanted a round mirror, now, I am doing my best to get a rectangular mirror that works.

Good news, we placed the new mirror in the dining room  and we will spray paint the former dining room mirror silver to put in the guest room.  I found and ordered another bathroom mirror and  hope it arrives before my house guests do.

Patience is a virtue that I do not have in abundance.  This is challenging for me but I know that the lesson is to lighten up and keep going.

Today, we put in the light fixture, hung up the new mirror in the dining room, bought silver spray paint for the old mirror, bought a plastic cover for the light switch and had tiles cut for the baseboard behind the new vanity. Our friend Vic will put them in next week.

Tomorrow, I have to return a light fixture and a vanity set (which is way too fancy) at Restoration Hardware.  Will have to get a new vanity set and wait for grey towels back ordered from Lands' End and the new mirror from Home Depot.

As I reread this post I realize how silly it is.  How unimportant all of this really is, how I have built up expectation to a point where I allow my day to be spoiled by the sluggishness of the process.

There are a few hours left to this day and my intention is to live them well. A long hot shower, a clean pajama, a nice cup of tea and a movie to watch on Apple TV.

Tomorrow, I will visit my friend Carole who is living with cancer and get my perspective back in check.  Life is a process, not a destination.  Live each moment fully and be grateful for the gift of life that you have.

Thanks for listening.

Bonne soirée,


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