Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Friend Mary

Mary just left with her friend Lara to return to White Rock.  They have been in town for a wedding at St. Albert's Enjoy Center.  She was only here for one night but what a good time we shared during the few hours she was available.   

It's always the same with Mary,  we can talk about so many shared interests: health, the environment, business, social consciousness issues.  It is never dull being with my friend.  She is an amazing woman and an extraordinary human being.

Mary is a Croatian who was born in Bosnia.  One day, we promise to make a trip across the north of Italy from our place in Provence to visit her homeland.  Here is what the itinerary might look like:
Croation Adventure

I long to see a different part of the world where I have never been before, a part of the world that has undergone major conflict and risen up again. To see it with Mary will make it all the more meaningful.

Later this spring, my reading circle will be doing The Tiger's Wife by Tea Obreht:
In a Balkan country mending from years of conflict, Natalia, a young doctor, arrives on a mission of mercy at an orphanage by the sea. By the time she and her lifelong friend Zóra begin to inoculate the children there, she feels age-old superstitions and secrets gathering everywhere around her. Secrets her outwardly cheerful hosts have chosen not to tell her. Secrets involving the strange family digging for something in the surrounding vineyards. Secrets hidden in the landscape itself.
I have invited Mary to return to us for the circle on this book and I know that she will breathe life into the story with parallel tales of her childhood in Bosnia. 

Life is good.




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labergerebasque said...

I had never really thought much about reading this book in spite of the good reviews...
After reading your post, I have decided I want to read it.