Thursday, January 5, 2012

This n' That

Tomorrow, I'm back at work after almost two weeks holiday.  I decided to do something soothing, that would allow me not to think too much about work.  Knitting, polishing silver, these are activities that sooth the soul.  The silver that we have comes from V.'s parents as I've never been an avid silver collector.  I am enjoying the few pieces that we have and am using the very old spoons, plain and  elegant, every day.  
 Note the old Dijon mustard jar above.*
Note the Pinot Grigio above.**

The silver and wine** are done.  The teaspoons on the left are very old.  I have put them into the Dijon mustard jar* on the counter.  The cake serving set is used at every birthday and most holidays.
 The carving knife and fork are from a dear friend in France.  Exquisite!
This is our most prized piece:  this tiny cup was V.'s aunt's.  Her name was Lidushka  and she died of polio at ten.  She was V.'s paternal grandparents' first child...  They went on to have a boy, V.'s dad and a girl.  They have all passed and these small treasures help keep the memories alive.
After all that silver polishing, I'm having a beef curry with black pepper pappadums and Sweet Mango Chutney.  Love a curry!
It's simple to make and oh so tasty and the silver soup spoons are great for eating it!



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