Tuesday, January 17, 2012

-30 and Thriving

The weather till now, which has been positively balmy for an Albertan winter, has turned.  Indeed, Sunday, temperatures dropped from about -13 centigrade to -27.  With the wind chill factor, it feels like -40 today.

But no matter, have down-filled parka, have good car, will travel. 

And travel I did.  Before my reading circle yesterday, I made it to Restoration Hardware after work to look up some vanity sets that were on sale.  Lo and behold!

Vanity set for the guest bathroom, the one we are renovating.

And, while I was at it... a vanity set for the Master bathroom.
This is a store that dazzles the eye.  Everywhere you look is a vignette positively bulging with luxury items.  These unfortunately have a matching luxury price but when there's a sale, they just become expensive instead of unaffordable.

Oh! the Belgian linen sheets, the cashmere throws and slippers, the furniture, the objets as they call them, enough to make a girl want to load up her Visa.  Go on, have a look here, you know you want to.
Inspiration:  my sister D and I can make these.

I can put these on my Xmas wish list.

Inspiration image for my dining room in Provence.

And this, well this can remain a dream. I am happy with that.
Ah!  My visit to Restoration Hardware was an Artist Date.  I am overflowing with ideas for projects to make based on what I saw.  I must bring my sister D. because dreams are more pleasurable and instensified when shared...

Bonne journée!


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