Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Project

Boy's bathroom

Towel color choice 1
As our eldest boy has gone, we now have a guest room and now, we will be having guests.  The bedroom has been cleaned and prepared for the upcoming visit of my friend Mary and her friend. So V. and I have decided that it is as good a time as any to freshen up the downstairs bathroom.  No, no lengthy and expensive renovation, just a primping up of sorts, to make guests comfortable.

Silly me, I did not take pictures of the bathroom as it was in order to show you before and afters, but above are pictures of the bathroom minus the claret vinyl words that were on the wall.  They were words like: brush, bath, hot, cold, scattered here and there.  In my enthusiasm to get the project started, I peeled them off last week and didn't think to take a picture before beginning.

Towel color choice 2
Tomorrow, we are removing the vanity, mirror, fixture and cabinet above the toilet.  Later next week, our friend and neighbor Vic will come to repair the water damage to the ceiling and repair the holes in the walls and follow up with a good coat of cream paint. 

After that, we will have to replace two tiles that are cracked and tile where the vanity used to be.  During this time, I have to find new  fixtures and a mirror (see the inspiration photo at the bottom of this post) and lastly, we will put the new vanity (below) in place.
Our vanity was purchased from Costco online.  I want to put baskets where the shelves are.

Inspiration for mirror and lights - I know round mirrors are hard to find.
We'll see how close I get to the inspiration photo above...a girl can dream... 

Wish me luck!




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labergerebasque said...

Sounds lovely! I would go with the grey because then you can accent it (hand towels/washcloths) with a multitude of colors including the green :)