Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bathroom reno update


We had saved some tiles in case!
Our friend Vic has finished repairing and painting the walls.  Love the antique linen color by Dulux.  It is creating a neutral background for the new vanity, Cloudburst and Fresh Pistashio towels from Land's End.

Still have to buy: towel bar, toilet paper holder and taps.  A quick look at Home Depot and I have found what I need.

Problem:  what will I do with the nearly new shower doors we put in barely a year ago?  They are silver and the rest of the metal in the bathroom are going to be antique bronze.  I have suggested spray painting the frames of the doors, Vic says it won't last... Maybe we'll just live with them as is for a while.

T's old bedroom is starting to look like a very comfy place indeed.  A lick of slate gray paint on the closet doors and shelves, new roman shades, a glass carafe and two glasses are all that are left to do.  Then we are ready to welcome friends to stay.  We know we have four groups coming in the next couple of years: my friend Mary from White Rock, V.'s cousin Eddie and his wife Monique, Corey and Yann and our dear friends Christian and Stéphane from our little town in France.

On another note...

Went to see my colleague and friend Lizette sing with her band Friday night.  Friday nights are usually crash and burn night but I was able to get up and go for a few hours.  Their music was up beat and invigorating, the musicians and singers were lovable and engaging.  I danced a few and I ask myself why I don't do this on a regular basis just to get my cardio!

Have a great Sunday!



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Lizette said...

It was a joy to see your smiling faces in the crowd. I appreciate your support and agree that dancing is the best exercise! We are playing at Casino Yellowhead on the 17th and 18th if you need another work out!