Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Well-Spent Moment

Yesterday, V. and I went out to dinner and later, for dessert.  This is NOT a common practice thank goodness, as I already have weight issues...

HOWEVER, this was time well-spent as V. and I just sat in the enchanting decor at Duchess Bake Shop in Edmonton.  We each perused the long pastry cases and came up with a mouth watering, melt-in-your mouth deliciousness accompanied with a really good cup of coffee.

 V. had a Raspberry Chocolate Crémeux Brioche and a Coconut Macaroon...
 I had a Key Lime Tart with coconut shavings in the crust...
They also make macarons to die for!
Not quite like the ones you can get in France at Ladurée (check out their cute website here)but very very good.  The salted caramel one might be my favorite.
This is definitely something to repeat and to enter into my Journal of Well-Spent Moments. More about this later.

Bonne journée,


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