Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Where Are You Most at Peace?

I was watching an excerpt from Oprah's Super Soul Sunday where she asked a number of people: Where are you most at peace?

I immediately thought of Cotignac where we spend about three months over the late summer and fall.  I say Cotignac because there, I am far away from the many obligations that I have here where I live the rest of the year.  It's hard not to be at peace there: it's old, beautiful, surrounded by lush vegetation, potable water flows freely from the fourteen or so fountains, we hear the rush of the stream right outside our balcony doors 24 hours a day.

Having said that, I would say that I am also at peace when I am at home and more so when I am not teaching at the university.  Teaching opens the floodgates to numerous must dos every day of the week including days when I'm off.  Internet, eClass and email disrupt my quiet time and make it difficult to tune out.  An authentic desire to facilitate learning and give students their money's worth drives me to spend many hours preparing stimulating and meaningful lesson plans where they are fully engaged in their learning. Enough said about that.

May to the end of October are more peaceful months.  Maybe it's not where I'm most at peace but when.  During this period I practice meditation and yoga and mindfulness and I engage in a healthy dose of physical activity.

The trick is to integrate all those wonderful things into a workday because that's when I need them most.

Tricky thing.

I am most at peace when I practice mindfulness which is made easier when I am not working.

There.  That's it.



P.s.  When are YOU most at peace?


Nancy said...

I am most at peace at the beach. There is just something about the ocean, the breeze, waves and tides. It's just very soothing and peaceful to me.

Stella said...

I get it... Felt that in Florence, Oregon.

Anonymous said...

I am most at peace sitting in Church in front of the tabernacle.

Teresa Young said...

Just wanted you to know that I have been reading your blog and loving ALL your post. You are a beautiful writer. I love your thoughts. I am also a Oprah fan. Your place in Cotignac is Heaven...I would feel at peace there. Away from our hurried world we live in. I would love a life of just doing what I wanted all day long every day of the year. Of course....without the financial means, that isn’t possible. So I work, to enjoy beautiful places that bring me peace. Hope you are well. Teresa & Dave

Stella said...

Teresa you Darling girl! Thank you for comming by and especially for leaving a comment!

Love to you both.

Peaceful Most of the Time said...

Most at peace:
In Yann's arms.
With my children.
By Annie's side.
In Willows.
When you are here.
At the beach.
In prayer.

labergerebasque said...

I am peaceful when I am walking the dog or trailing sheep, or painting, or writing or reading in a warm, snug bed :-)

Stella said...

I would be peaceful walking in those verdant hills too, I think!