Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Eve Hightlights

We had a very good time last night with our dear friends.  We both provided the nosh and drinks and had a veritable post-holidays feast.  The highlights were undoubtably the company but in the food and drinks department, these were our favorites:

From the Holiday issue of Flavours magazine
Sacha made this blue cheese terrine for us when she came for dinner the other night and I saved the leftover for last night.  She made it with dates and pecans, I think and it worked wonderfully.  Just click on the link below the photo for access to the magazine. At room temperature, this spreads beautifully on crackers and with champagne, you cannot ask for a better combination.

This what our friends brought for the New Year's toast.  I want to toast every new year in this way for ever and ever.  Veuve is a really delicious, super bubbly champagne.  It is a pleasure and a priveledge to drink...

The little fridge is reusable and keeps the cold champagne at the right temperature for two hours.  I was tickled pink by this miniature.  I thought it might be just right for Barbie...

And above all, the most durable highlight of last night is that I have discovered a most fitting, short but all encompassing  resolution for 2015:

Here are a few strategies I will use to stay focused my resolution throughout the year:

1. Post the resolution in 'easy to see' places like your bathroom mirror and your computer desktop.
2. Meditate on the resolution.
3. Make the resolution into an intention and repeat it three times a day, several times each time.  This works well in the morning, in the car and in the evening before sleep.
4. Talk about your resolution with family and friends.
5. Write about your success with your resolution in your gratitude journal.

Thank you for coming by, for commenting and for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.

Bonne et heureuse année,



Marching Girl said...

3000 steps thinking of you xoxo

Lizette said...

Bonne année!