Thursday, January 29, 2015

In 2012, I wrote about the Paris apartment that time forgot.  At the end of my post, I wrote:
Now, who was the granddaughter and why oh why was she so neglectful? Did she not know about it, or did the decades of dust in the apartment hide some sordid details?
Wouldn't this make a great novel or movie? If I were a gifted writer, I would fly to Paris right now and research the story.  Then I would leisurely write it in Provence as a retirement project.
Well, it has been done! But NOT by me!  I read a post about the TWO books that have been written on Janice MacLeod's blog.  (Janice has left Paris and is now living in Calgary, just a 3.5 hour drive from where I live.  If you haven't read her book Paris Letters, you should.  It's an inspiring story and invites you to re-imagine yourself in a different context, in a different life.)

Via Janice MacLeod: Painted letters from Paris...and beyond.
I have a copy of A Paris Apartment and will plunge into it as soon as I can manage it and let you know if it does the real story justice.  It would also make a great movie.  Reminds me a little of Sarah's Key.  Have you seen it or read it?

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Bookends are happy too said...

I read Sarah's Keys, it still haunts me. Reminds me of stories my friend annie tells. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about this new book. xx MISS YOU!!

Anonymous said...

I loved Sarah's Key. The two books you mentioned will definitely on my Someday Book List! Merci, RB

labergerebasque said...

I loved Sarah's Key. I did not like either book about the Paris apartment. I found both to be much too much "Junior High" in writing style. I would love to write the story...given the time and financing. HA!

Stella said...

Merci Bergère and RB and DC! Your comments made my heart jump!