Friday, January 16, 2015

A Series Worth Watching

This is the best crime drama series I've seen.  It is poignant, sensitive, brilliantly done, brilliantly written.  Yes, the writing is superb.  This story, perfectly imagined and carried out, themes woven in and never dropped. The acting is Britain at its best in contemporary drama.
A small seaside town in England is rocked by the death of one of it's 11 year old boys. What happens next is chaos,  lives are overturned as detectives Hardy and Miller search for the author of this unimaginable, unexplainable crime.
Profoundly touching is Episode 8 when the killer is revealed.  We are riveted by the turn of events and, with the local priest's words and initiative, the viewer could believe that a collective could heal from, but never forget the events of the last two months.

I give this series a whopping5/5

It's on Netflix.  Watch it.


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