Sunday, January 4, 2015

Where Would YOU Spend Winters?

Cotignac, January 4th, 2015 - 18 degrees Celsius
45 degrees Celsius, that's the difference between the temperature in Cotignac (where we have a condo in Provence) and Edmonton (the city close to where I live) today.  I was asking Vlad the other day why we don't spend January to April in Cotignac instead of August to October.  His answer? "Because I want to use the pool and go to the beach when I'm in Cotignac." 

Yes but... you can spend almost all of the winter months with single or double digit temperatures, above zero that is, in Cotignac!

Temperatures here are frigid: -27 C today.  I am writing this sitting in bed in flannel sheets with a feather duvet covering me and tomorrow, tomorrow I have to fire up the RAV 4 and go to work in the morning!

Maybe we could find an indoor pool in Cotignac...

Love and icicles,


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