Sunday, November 30, 2014

Supper at the Farm

So we went to Sister D.'s place for an early winter supper this evening.  We brought T. with us to visit and they had their daughter, my niece and her family with them to visit.

I brought along a little craft activity and the girls and I whipped these necklaces up in less than an hour.  Aren't they cute?  Sister D. picked the primary coulours agains a black ground and S. picked a leopard print.  I think they look very artsy and attractive don't you?

Sister D. has a new look: shorter hair and some magnificent bespoke glasses by Tom Davies.  I am loving this look for her and think that she is loving it too.

Our godson A. was attracted to T. and backed up to him with a book, waiting to be lifted up to share one of his favorite books on animals.  Isn't this sweet?

Picture quality is poor but the subjects' enthousiasm more than makes up for it...



leopard balls said...

Oh so lovely!! Fantastic!

Stella said...

Leopard balls indeed! Are you lusting after some of your own?