Saturday, November 8, 2014

Love British Drama

Being home with a cold has me resubscribed to Netflix and trawling the site to see what I haven't seen
and I discover Scott and Bailey a wonderfully written crime drama involving two talented female detectives.

I love the dialogue, the britishisms, the stiff-upper lip, the toughness, the tenderness, the cleverness of this series.   Despite their very different personal lives and their 15-year age difference, these two women are buds, they can count on each other to keep eachothers' secrets and backs.

They exemplify discretion, and integrity in their relationships, they are talented in different ways, Rachel Bailey can instinctively synthesize information and come up with a bang-on analysis. Janet Scott is the best interviewer, self-control, respect and crystal-clear questioning make even the most hardened criminals spill the beans.

Actresses Suranne Jones and Lesley Sharp are top in their craft. This series is well-worth watching and it's so much fun that on Netflix, you don't have to wait till next week to see the next episode.  There are four series in all and three of them are available on Netflix.

I give this series a whopping five stars out of five.



Anonymous said...

I heartily agree. I just watched my first episode on my local PBS and want to keep watching. Hope this series has a long life! Marie

Stella said...

Marie, so nice to hear from you! Thanks for commenting!