Friday, November 21, 2014

He's Home!

He's been away from home for three years.  December 29th, 2011 he left for Anguilla, then Chicago in 2013. He will finish his MD in October 2015.

He's as passionate about medicine as he is poor and indebted.  He lights up when explaining this or that medical condition or how a drug works.  His other passion is, well, us.

We have him for three weeks then he has to head back as he is starting rotations at Mercy Hospital in Chicago.  We won't see him again until July because he has to renew his student visa every 6-8 months.
In 2015 he must:
  1. do 6 months rotations back to back
  2. write the Canadian MCCEE
  3. write Step II CS
  4. write Step II CK
  5. write the NAC OSCE (Canadian exam)
  6. write Step III
  7. put in 75 or so applications for a residency
  8. do interviews between October 2015 and January 2016 for a residency
  9. get a residency somewhere
Pray for him please.



Anonymous said...

I am so delighted for you and your family. You are such a great mom. I love your posts and look forward to reading them over the Christmas. Donna

Stella said...

Thank you Donna, it warms my heart to know that you care...