Monday, November 3, 2014

Bucket-List Triplets

I am laid out on my bed, sick with a cold.  What better time to line up my bucket-list triplets.  One can dream can't one?
Several months ago, I talked about triplets (a little trip).  Usually a triplet is usually a few days to a week in duration.  Given that we are in France a few months at a time, we usually allow ourselves a triplet a year when we are there.

Triplets have a lot of merit.  First, they are usually focused on one area.  Second, the triplet because it is short, does not exhaust.  Third, because the triplet is short, the traveller does not OD on: Cathedrals, scenery, history, touristic-type facts that can render dull the sharpest knives in the drawer.

Here are some of my bucket-list triplets.
Photo via Basque Farmouse in France

1. Les Pyrénées: to take in the loveliness of the scenery, to meet a fellow blogger and to get down and eat some of their fabulous cheeses.  (Etorki, Ossau Iraty to name just two).  I'd also like to skip along to Biarritz to visit my adoptive Tonton and Tita's graves.

Photo via

2. La Bourgogne: what's not to love about the region that makes some of the best wines in the world.  After visiting the Chateauneuf-du-pape wine region, I am ready to taste some famous burgundian wines: Clos Vougeot, Montrachet to name just two.  I'd also skip along to visit my family in the area.  They are in the Champagne region.

Medieval village of Estaing

5. La Dordogne:  We have acquaintances who have a house in the Périgord.  I'd go there in October just to have the Cassoulet when it's Cassoulet season.  The Périgord is famous for its: truffles, foie gras, great gastronomic tradition and some pretty good red wines.

Photo via
6. La Bretagne: I've been there briefly but have not done it justice plus all the beautiful seaside and  fish and crepes and Koign Amann are you kidding?

Photo via

7. Corsica: because it's just a boat-ride away and would be a great driving holiday.

Photo via
8. Ireland: because it's just a short flight away and would be a great driving holiday.

Photo via
9. Morocco: Because I've never been to Africa and am taken with the sights and smells of this country in particular.

Photo via

10. Egypt: Because I've never been to Africa and I've wanted to see the Valley of the Kings, Giza and the Nile since I was a child.

What is on your triplet bucket-list?  Just shout one out in the comments section to make my day!



Anonymous said...

As I live in northern, rural Indiana, a triplet would probably have to be somewhere in the midwest. I've always wanted to go to a bed and breakfast in South Haven, Michigan. Not a far drive, on Lake Michigan, and from what I hear, quite quaint. (A real trip to Ireland is on my bucket list!)

Stella said...

Bravo Anonymous! You're my kind of girl! Your triplet sounds like just the ticket. Thank you so much for letting me know you are there.