Saturday, June 1, 2013


I'm content.  How do I know?  I feel like puttering in the house.  Puttering is a sign that I am not stressed, feeling the pull of creativity, enjoying chores instead of dreading them.

Today, I picked Lilac and Lilly of the Valley in our yard and set them on the counter to remind me of life's countless blessings.  V.'s back, the eaves and gutters have been replaced.  The deck and fence are being replaced.  Soon, we will have a big dumpster on our driveway and we'll be clearing out the old stuff making way for the new. Things are getting done.  It just feels so good. 

That is how I'm doing.  Great.  Content. At peace.




Nancy said...

Your Lilacs and Lilly of the Valley are beautiful!
Thank you for sharing them.
What a wonderful reminder of the countless blessings
we have in life. :)

Stella said...

Thanks Nancy!