Tuesday, May 28, 2013

He's Home!

My guy got home late Saturday night.  Tired, a little haggard but happy to be home after the long trip.  He had a great, busy month with jobs to do and travel to the Czech Republic.  He drove over 5,500 km in the 28 days he was there.
Here's V. at a café in our little town
I got my garnet earrings and a number of small antique pieces to make jewelry.  What's more, my Le Jacquard Français tea towels have arrived!  I order them and have them delivered to our home in France and save a bundle.

Mostly, I'm just happy V.'s back.  Believe it or not, after he's been away a month, I have to get used to his presence in bed again.  He generates a lot of heat and when he turns over the whole bed bounces! O.k., that may be TMI...

I thought I'd share some of my French/Czech treasures today:

Hard to take a picture of these.  This photo via

Antique linen thread given to soldiers to mend their uniforms
Ex votos to assist in prayers
Antique 19th century chandelier crystals to make jewelry
Le Jaquard Français

Comes wrapped like this
Happy Stella


Anonymous said...

Always treasure those stunning Garnet
Earrings!I am so happy for you! You
Lucky Girl You! :)

Nancy. said...

Loved the tea towels too!

Nancy said...

So glad your V is safely back
at home with you.

Stella said...

Hi Nancy!

Thanks for your comments. They pick me up!