Saturday, June 29, 2013

I'm Free

(Wrote this yesterday but was interrupted and forgot to post...)

I finished working yesterday instead of today.  Sure, I have a little work to do later on this month to finish up but I can do it from home when the work is ready to be done, just some minor editing.

I'm free for the next 4 or 6 months.  I'm on holidays, off, semi-retired, riding the wave, no 9 to 5, hasta la vista baby!

Actually, I'm in shock.  I feel rather numb, it hasn't hit me yet.

I feel like throwing out half of the stuff in my house.

Is this normal?

I want to lie in a hammock with a mojito with a straw.  I want to lie on a chaise at Tiki beach and stare into the Mediterranean.  I want to sit on my front step and contemplate my neighborhood.  I want to sleep, I want to do nothing, I want to sip a glass of Pinot Grigio... or just stay in my pajamas for the next six weeks.

But curiously, I am still running on nervous energy and don't feel that tired.  Last night, instead of going into a coma like I always do on the evening of the last day of work, I cleaned out my bedroom.  Never done that in 31 years of the evening after the "last day of work".

I think I'm going to make like it's the summer holidays like always, then see what happens when I'm in France and when August melts into  September, I'm still on break...



labergerebasque said...

Lucky you! maybe we can meet somewhere in the southwest of France, Basque Country ? :)

Stella said...

I would love to Bergère. Let me see if this is possible.

labergerebasque said...


Tica said...

We are going to have fun!