Monday, June 10, 2013

What's with the Weather?

It's June 10th and the temperature was a mere 5 degrees when we woke up this morning and the weatherman says it will go up to a balmy 10 degrees today with overcast skies and drizzling rain.

Up to now, weather in France wasn't so good either.  V. and I look to our friendly neighborhood weather station in the Var for accurate information and they are just having a 24 degree day today.  That's a bit cool for this time of year.

My sister D. and her husband are supposed to be going on a Viking River Cruise from Berlin to Prague on the Elbe river this coming Saturday but with all of the flooding in north and eastern Europe, this cruise could be cancelled as others have been before it.  This trip that has been planned for a year now. She feels badly for all of the people who are dealing with flooding... If their cruise gets cancelled, they will either rent a car or take trains from Berlin to Slovenia to Budapest to Prague for the conference that her husband is attending.


40 km north of Prague
Here, it's just grey and cold and no, I am not complaining, just wondering what's happening on a global level, to the weather.  As a child, I remember beautiful weather in June, July, August, even September.  Now, it seems that it's up in the air.

Corey at Tongue in Cheek has mentioned that Spring took a long time making it's way to Provence and presently on a road trip, she and Yann are wearing jackets and long sleeves.

Let's pray that the rain stops for those brave people in Germany, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Grey skies here, outside my office window.


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