Sunday, June 16, 2013

Miracle Day

As my sister D. is in Europe, I was a substitute grandmother today.  My niece had her baby at about 4:45 this afternoon and I had the honor of being present and assisting the mother in her delivery.

His name is Aidan.  He weighs 6 1bs 2 oz and his birth was as perfect as a birth can be.  The Mom was poised and determined, she breathed slowly throughout her pain and asked her baby to help her bring him into the world.

Nothing short of miraculous.  I felt so connected to her, I remembered so much about my own deliveries that it felt like I could get inside her head to help her along.

My niece is lovely and brave and beautiful.  She is strong and loving and delightful.  When she knew he was coming she cried with happiness.

A lovely sight to behold.  Sacred even.

Bonne fête des pères Papa G.! You are the best!

Honorary Grandmaman Stella

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The. said...

What a wonderful description of a perfect birth. I spoke to the mother-to-be at length about labor and birth, telling her to draw from her inner strength. I also told her that both her mother and grandmother would lend her strength of spirit even if we were not present in the room.
Honorary grandmothers are very special!