Thursday, June 6, 2013

Retirement Party

I didn't want one, really didn't... and they forced it on me.  Now, I'm kinda glad, kinda scared about it.  My friend Lizette says it's cause I'm not so good at receiving. I think she's right.

Checklist for attending one's own retirement party.

- outfit for warm weather
- outfit for cooler weather
- manicure/pedicure
- haircut/makeup
- family members
- friends/colleagues
- glass of wine before leaving the house
- short but inspiring speech
- my best singing voice for the sing along
- car and driver for the return trip
- photographer
- grace
- gratitude
- smile
- all around good mood
- other

I think I'm ready, am I missing something? Wish me luck.
Just in case you think it's tonight, NOT.  It's a week from today!
I'm not nervous at all.  What makes you think that?


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