Friday, June 21, 2013

One Week

I am alive and well thank you for asking.  The last week has been incredible.  You know how you can go weeks or even months and nothing grand happens, or not much happens and then, it seems like to catch up, life just jams all the juicy events that haven't happened yet into one week.  ONE WEEK.

You already know I had my retirement party on Thursday and that my great-nephew was born on Sunday.  What you don't already know is that it was my turn to host a gourmet dinner on Saturday.  Then, Wednesday, I took a personal day to spend with my niece and her husband and our little pearl of a delicious baby A. He's so funny, in all of his 6 lbs and 2 oz, he is already a real person with real preferences and one of them is to have his arms out of the blanket at all times.

My niece said that she heard that a baby that sleeps well is a swaddled baby, well A. is not having any of that. In no time, his tiny arms are flying out of the cocoon to come to rest on either side of his head. He is too sweet, I am well and properly hooked!

The following is in parentheses:

So the gourmet dinner menu was:

Duck rillettes on french bread with Montrachet for openers
Bouillabaisse, rouille and croutes with Sancerre
Green salad with walnut oil and walnuts and cheese course: Bleu d'Auvergne, Brie de Meaux and Etorki with a Bandol Rosé
Sabayon with berries

That was Saturday, you know what Sunday was and Thursday (last night) not one but two retirement parties for two dear friends.

To sum up, here is the last week:

Thursday:  my retirement party
Saturday: gourmet dinner at our place
Sunday: Baby A. makes his entrance into the world
Wednesday: Day spent with A. and his parents
Thursday: Two retirement parties back to back

Friday, June 21st, 1st day of Summer, Stella is officially flying under the radar, pooped, done, fatiguée.

Over and out.


Horizontal Stella