Saturday, May 18, 2013

Grandnephew on the Horizon

I am expecting a grandnephew in the next weeks.  I have other grandnephews and nieces but this one is S.'s first.  S. is a special girl to me.  She has two brothers who are also special, but they did not give birth.  This is different.
Isn't she gorgeous?
My sister D. has been crocheting numerous baby hats and sweaters in anticipation.  So many in fact, that I wondered what I could make that might be different or novel.  As I haven't a whole lot of experience knitting baby wear, I decided that Sprout would be just the ticket.

Here is Bean Sprout, aptly named for his Mom is just a little sprout herself.

I look forward to seeing the little head inside the hat.  Now if I can just work up enough oumf to knit the Sprout Blanket.  It has a CHART, that is frightening.  Any helpful hints out there?

Love and sunshine in Alberta,

Auntie Stella

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