Wednesday, May 15, 2013


My husband V. is in Prague for the next two days having fun with his friend and his cousin.  Three retired guys with nothing but time on their hands.  What could they possibly do to fill their time?

I know:  drink beer, walk, go up things like towers and hills, eat meat, drink beer, walk up and down all streets not being too preoccupied with anything as mundane as shops for example.

Well, I am proposing a cure for all that aimless walking and climbing.


O.k. so my birthstone (July) is ruby, but I like garnets.  So far, I've sent him the above photos, addresses to reputable shops and an article about counterfeit stones.

There is also some lovely crystal in Prague.  

That should keep him busy.




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labergerebasque said...

You will have been on his mind regardless :)