Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring Fashion

My retirement party is coming up in June and I think that one of these outfits with some chunky jewelry would be just the ticket.

I've written about Sympli before and I can't say enough about it. It's classy/casual wash and wear clothes that can take you to work, to a party or on a trip. But the best thing about these clothes is that they flatter most figures.  I know I feel good and look good in mine because of the compliments I get when I wear Sympli.

This is a good Canadian brand of clothing that is just right anywhere you go...Check out their new Spring 2013 collection here.

B.T.W.  It's going to be 30 degrees here today, can you believe it?  That's warmer than what they are getting in Provence!  The intensity of the sun just doesn't match the dirty brownness of the grass and trees...

No matter, I am wearing my new sandals purchased in Phoenix last month. It's just an orange-sandal-type-of-day.




Nancy. said...

Love the orange sandals!!!

Stella said...

Thank you Nancy!