Friday, May 24, 2013

Urban Lunch

As it is Friday, and grey and rainy, my colleague L. and I decided that a lunch out was going to be just the cheering up we need.
We went to The Cavern in downtown Edmonton, situated about 5 blocks from where we work which is convenient because you get to walk off some of the calories you consume during lunch.

The Cavern is a wine and cheese bar kind of place.  We had a cheese plate for two and dare I say, a glass of wine each...

Here's what our yummy plate looked like

No the greatest picture, I was in a state of rapture... we had already started eating!
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Isn't it brilliant?  Cheese served on slate tiles with names of the cheese written in chalk.  Gives me ideas for my next soirée.  Simple yet elegant. What else did I learn from our little outing?
  • Serve blue cheese with a drizzle of honey
  • Dried apricots as well as figs and dates are lovely with cheese
  • Sour cherry jam is a fantastic compliment to Brie de Meaux
  • Serve with baguette but also with a little nutty and/or fruity bread like this one
  • Next time, take V. with me and make it my treat and have 2 glasses of wine!
They also serve charcuterie separately or on the same board as the cheese.  This is also a brilliant idea for Sunday brunch. It helps if you can talk to your guests about the cheeses you offer so you may want to take a cheese course or go to this website for more information about the food of the gods.

Now, where can I buy ONE tile of slate?

TGIFly yours,



Anonymous said...

I love Cavern. And when you buy the cheese, it comes with a lovely bookmark with other food and wine pairing suggestions. Brillant!! As for the slate tiles, they sell some next door at DeVine Wines ... another lovely place to stop on 104th. Un 'MUST'!! Bisous et bonne fin de semaine!

Stella said...

Thank you!!