Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bumps, Curves and Straight Road

Isn't life just like that?  Never really know what's ahead but I have learned that like a good car, I have to have good shock absorbers and have a strong enough engine to keep traveling those more challenging bits of the road trip.

The year of my 50th birthday was unimaginably straight, flat roads with some delightful scenery.  It was such a year of fun and pleasant surprises.  It's the year we went to the Caribbean, the year we bought a new vehicle and did some major renovations in our house and, it's the year we bought our little home in Provence. Everything slid into place with very little effort.

This year of my 55th birthday is a little more of a bumpy ride. Although I have a good car, there have already been a few near misses with the boob thing and a skin thing.

I have been going up a long hill lately with a bladder thing.  Used to be, I'd have a UTI and one prescription would wipe it out.  Now... three prescriptions later, I'm not feeling it.

Car needs to be parked for a few weeks and with an overhaul and some TLC will be able to hit the road again confidently.  Just a few more hundred kilometres to go and I will be able to give it a good rest, clean and polish.

Then, it will be the winding, narrow roads through vine country, but I think the car will be able to handle it.



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labergerebasque said...

I have taken to regularly drink cranberry juice, from 1 bottle I make 3 by adding water. IT works like a charm…no more discomfort, ever :)