Monday, February 4, 2013

Saturday in the Country

Saturday after lunch, we headed out to my sister D.'s house which is roughly 45 minutes due north of where we live.  Part of the road is on the highway.  This photo was taken with my iPhone just after 1pm.

About 30 minutes later, I took this picture with my phone.  We are now on a country road.  The pictures are obviously not of good quality and do not transmit the blinding whiteness of the landscape.  We had trouble seeing the tracks on the road.  When we returned at night time, the lights made it easier to see the tracks in the dark.

There is a phenomenon called snow blindness.  It is caused by spending a long time out of doors absorbing the UV rays that bounce off the snow.  Although we did not develop snow blindness, it was rather easy to imagine how this could happen.

So D. and I talked and made pie crusts with her trusty Bosch mixer.  We turned out 18 crusts in about 30 minutes all packaged and frozen, ready to use at a moment's notice.

Maybe I could request this for next year's Christmas basket?  It's a toss up, Chanel flats or the mixer...

Later, we sorted out our huge stash of fabric and selected what project would be made with what fabric.  We are making this dress with a dark navy linen.
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The most interesting feature about this dress is the hem. The pattern is available for download here. Warning: there is a lot of cutting and taping to do...

The shoes are pretty cool too.

We also decided we would take a trip to Morocco in Spring of 2014.  

I would say that was a pretty productive day.

Thanks D.



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