Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Season of Oxblood

I had an extraordinarily good day today.  The kind that makes you stop and count your blessings. 

It was a series of fortunate events that ended with me coming home late and finding the outdoor lights on, the fireplace ablaze and dinner made with a bottle of red wine sitting in the carafe, aerated.

First time for V. who has been retired since end June this year. 

At my lovely hairdresser's when I came to pay for my cut and color, she said no, not this time.  Why? Because I did some translating of the descriptions of her 20 odd paintings for her opening this coming November 3rd.  I also got a new nail polish on the house in the new fall color: Bordeaux which pleases me to no end because dark red is a favorite color that I have not worn in a long time.

I'm all fired up about this color.  Am looking for a pair of shoes and maybe a purse to go with.  A royal treat because finally there is a color out there that I really love.

Claret, Bordeaux, Oxblood, all versions of deep dark red seen in everything from sweaters to boots.

I'm not the world's most ardent fashionista, but when I hear my song playing, I'm all in.  This season's Oxblood is going to be the punctuation in my fall/winter essay, a great way to thumb your nose at the cold weather...

Bonne nuit,


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