Monday, October 22, 2012

It's -8 Today

A part of me is mourning the mild weather we've been having till now, another part of me is saying: Yeah!, we can wear all the lovely woolens we have and make fires in the fireplace and make hot spiced wine, boeuf Bourguignon and pumpkin soup.

Cold weather, dark mornings and early evenings invite the usto gather in and reflect as late fall and winter are a time for tilling the interior garden of our souls. 

I learned from my acupuncturist last week that my Chinese element is Earth.  Not that I am surprised by this.  It rings very true in my case and may explain why winter is no big deal to me as long as I'm inside!

Most Earth-type people are trustful, steady, loyal and responsible. They are honest, religious, reliable, and keep their promises.

The characteristics of Earth are standing still, being slow and steady, and stationary. Therefore the Earth people don't like to move their body and change their mind too often. They are honest, trustworthy, and responsible. They also have good faith. They can sit in one position for a long time. They accept religion since they like rumination and meditation. They are slow to react. They like to collect things, and enjoy their collectibles at home, but not outdoors.

Time to make a dent in huge tomes we've been meaning to read and to take out the knitting needles...

Bonne journée,


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