Monday, October 8, 2012

Turkey's in the oven

The turkey is dressed and tanning in the oven.  My sister D.'s potatoes are scrubbed and ready to be whipped into shape.  Brussel sprouts are showered and shaved.  Tomatoes are primping on the window sill.  All is well on this Monday October 8th, Thanksgiving in Canada.

Except that I have a sinus headache.  Have had for a few days now.  Have to stay drugged or else stay in bed and feel sorry for myself.  I'll have a Dristan thank you.  Fall and spring are no fun for allergy sufferers...

Yesterday at D.'s 19 people were seated to dinner.  Amongst them were 6 little ones who are so cute you want to put them in your pocket and bring them home.  They sang, they danced, they did yoga poses, they went on a treasure hunt, they played the piano and they ate "bunkin" pie. (pumpkin)

See this picture and recipe at Kitchen Chick's blog
Today, our son D. and I prepared the turkey.  We will be just the three of us for turkey dinner.  We miss T. who is our faraway one.  

So while the turkey is cooking and memories of times past impose themselves on my day, I am just floating through the day with no thought to undertake any major jobs that need to be done like: cleaning the stove, the fridge, changing the sheets and taking out the duvet, making a menu for supper with friends next weekend...

But I do have this pretty that I recently purchased from my friend Corey that is calling my attention and wants desperately to be made into a lovely necklace. 

Should it be dressed with a more subdued Bordeaux ribbon?

Or would a Marie-Antoinette pink one suit it better?

Bonne journee,


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