Thursday, September 27, 2012

Late September Musings

There was a definite chill in the air as I made my way down the two blocks that separate the parking lot from the building where I work.  Walking quickly, hugging my bags to my side, I thought of what the walk will be like in a few months when the downtown winds are at their fiercest in subzero temperatures.

Passing the Italian caffè that just opened round the corner from work, I imagined myself sitting there on a dark morning nursing a latte and writing in my journal before heading off to work.  Would I ever get up that early?

As September comes to a close, I am reminded that with every month that goes by, I approach another season of my life; the one where rising in the dark of night, navigating snow covered roads and bearing the sting of midwinter winds twice daily will be mostly behind me.

I dream of early rising, nursing a cup of latte and writing in my journal in front of the wood fire that V. would have thoughtfully laid the night before.  I dream of heading to our office in my loungewear to sit before the computer and put in a couple of hours of work before getting on with MY day. Jewelry making? Knitting? Sewing with my sister D.? Going on an artist's date? Scouring second hand stores for treasures? Reading a novel all day? Shoveling snow with V. for 30 minutes and treating ourselves to spiked hot chocolate? Making love at noon? Preparing supper early? Meeting friends for a movie mid-week?

Enough. What is before me now cannot wait. October is coming fast and there are so many things to get done in the little time there is before the snow comes and I am once again pulled into my retirement reverie.

Bonne journée,


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