Sunday, September 16, 2012

Busy Weekend

We have been living in the same house since September 1982.  Thirty years.  It goes without saying that the trees and shrubs that we planted against the front of the house are overgrown and in two cases, rubbing up against the gutters and fascia.

Ergo, this weekend V. and D. cut everything down.  Everything.  Years of growth, gone within minutes.  It hurts but I know that it is necessary.  The maple tree was especially painful to tear down. My men were methodical and careful and nothing was damaged and no one was hurt.  V. is now disposing of the leaves and tiny branches but is making logs with the rest to burn in our fireplace in the years to come.

Next summer, we will have to redo the landscaping in front of the house. In a way, it is exciting.  There is more light in the living room.  I will make sure to plant low growing greenery this time.  As I get older, I need the light even more than ever.  I will imagine our new front yard over the winter and when spring comes, I will be ready.

I also spent a couple of hours mending, shortening and ironing downstairs.  When I get in the mood, it is a real mood booster.  Just seeing the pile disappear gives me a great sense of accomplishment.  I always think of my Mom when I do this kind of work.  It brings her closer somehow.

Changes are a part of the landscape of our life.  When we fetch wood from the woodpile, we will remember the trees that welcomed us home every day.  And we will be grateful once more.

Did you ever read The Giving Tree?



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