Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Postal Treasures

Getting home to a parcel is always fun.  When I receive parcels from The Book Depository or Amazon or ebay, I get a little thrill, tear into the package to reveal my most recent purchases.  Yesterday, it was the my long-awaited copy of Around my French Table, a cookbook by Dorie Greenspan.

I have been ogling this book for the last year but the price (above 40$) deterred me from purchasing it.  Recently, I found a copy for almost half price and I snatched it.

When Julia Child told Dorie Greenspan, “You write recipes just the way I do,” she paid her the ultimate compliment. Julia’s praise was echoed by the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times, which referred to Dorie’s “wonderfully encouraging voice” and “the sense of a real person who is there to help should you stumble.”

I look forward to making the gougères (a cheese puff), the chocolate mousse,the madeleines, le curried mussels, the onion carbonara and so on.  Just look at the luscious deliciousness on these pages.


Fougasse at  bottom

Cold or hot pea soup with crème fraiche
Do you know a better bed time story than a gorgeous cookbook?

Can you tell I'm craving carbs?

The discovery of Dorie Greenspan is big as The Barefoot Contessa was for me.  I have a feeling that I will find many winning recipes in here.  The book is fun to read, informative and inspiring.  I checked out the reviews on the Internet and many people have tried and written about her recipes. Watch her here:

You can check out Dorie Greenspan on her website here and check out her book here.

Bonsoir et bon appétit!


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