Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Paris Letters - March Letter

Look what I got in the mail today!

March 2014 Paris Letter - high quality copy of the original 

A couple of weeks ago, I read Paris Letters by Janice MacLeod Lik, a Canadian author who is now married and living in Paris. I was enchanted with this easy to read yet moving story about a girl who needs a change in her life and, makes it, one small change at a time.  I am motivated to undertake a few of the steps she took to simplify her life and make her dreams come true...
So, being the curious girl that I am, I checked out her monthly illustrated letters available for about 12$ each. There's also the option to purchase 6 months or 12 months' worth at a reduced rate.

The letter is pretty enough to be framed and this one in particular is a reflection on bridges and river in Paris with a little history thrown in .  Here are a few lines of the poem that was on the back of the letter:

How would you like to be
Down by the Seine with me
Oh what I'd give for a moment or two
Under the Bridges of Paris with you...

Jean Rodor

Janice also included a vintage envelope, a thank you and a note to check out her book and website
Check out her website and her Etsy site where you can check out a few more examples of her letters.

The book is worth the read, I love a story where the main character is moved to make drastic changes in life.  What comes after is inevitably challenging, interesting and involves a lot of growth.  If you like this kind of story, you'll love this book.  MacLeod is generous in her book, on her site and in her monthly letters.

Go on, you know you want to...



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