Friday, March 14, 2014


 I'm down with a cold.  Started feeling under the weather yesterday and by day's end, sore throat and drippy nose confirmed that I'm in for a pound.

So I'm having a sick day (although it's my day off already).  I did all of the usual stuff and then, I thought about something a student said in class this week: "I think Frozen is the best Disney movie ever!" Cold, frozen, that works doesn't it?

So, I watched it, under the blankets, sucking on wonderful little cherry Bentasils that are chewy and throat-healing at the same time.  Cup o' tea, check, comfy, clean pjs, check, lotion imbibed tissues, check, Cheetos, check, magic bag for cold toes, check!

So the movie... what a delight!  A perfect feel-good movie to watch when you're feeling a little blue. The main character is Anna, a princess and her sister the ice queen Elsa.  Now Elsa has ice magic and this makes her a little hard to live with so she runs away.  Elsa, a regular Heidi of the mountains, a real girl guide, takes off to find her sister and bring her home to reverse the state of Arundelle which is under the snow (gee, sounds like Canada) but it feels like the movie takes place in some place like Norway because of the cultural references: reindeer, fjord, clothing design.

She needs help of course, and it comes in the form of two handsome young men, one an ice-seller and the other, a prince... Amongst the supporting actors are:

Olaf, the funniest snowman you'll ever meet. Cute and clever and cheeky he is...

and Sven, the robust carrot-loving reindeer.

This movie is a modern fairy tale where the girls are strong and the men can play a supporting role. It's full of clever quips and  bold references: " pick their nose and eat it!"  Honestly!  It's quite refreshing (no pun intended).
If you haven't seen it, don't wait for a sick day, watch it, you'll love it!


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