Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Just Write Anything

It's blindingly sunny outside, the window is open, the stew is simmering, tomorrow's lesson plan is ready, a load of delicates is swishing about downstairs and I'm sitting here trying to think of something to write.

Should I tell you that I have one month left of teaching and then I'm a free agent for a few months? Should I tell you that the landscaping guy came for the consult on Sunday and promised that work would be done for June? Should I tell you that I had my hair cut yesterday afternoon and that I love it?  That between the school visit and the hair appointment I went to the garden center to purchase four potted and sprouting hyacinths for 4$? That last year's paper whites which, against the advice of the giver, I did not throw out are sprouting again?  Whether or not they will bloom is another question altogether... That I'm almost done the leg warmers for a friend who lent me her office for the semester?

None of the above make the cut for a very exciting post but together they are making this girl very hopeful and content.  What makes for a happy heart, a lighter step? In this case, it's the small stuff isn't it? Take a handful of small stuff things and throw them into a week and pouf!, you've got contentment.

What makes your boat float?



1 comment:

Happy UR Back said...

Happy to see u here.
Would be happy to see a photo of the hair do!
Love paper whites.
Great price 4 dollars.