Monday, March 17, 2014

Hot Dog!

Our son is coming home for an impromptu visit!  We are elated.  He is in between rotations in hospital and is going crazy in his apartment so for a few air miles, we have our big boy with us for a week.  Then, his dad will drive with him back to Chicago for a visit.  Neither of us has seen Chicago before and because I am teaching, I can't go...  No matter, at least I get to see my boy!

So I'm into my 4th day of a cold and it's not as bad as it could have been.  I'm a firm believer in killing a cold at the beginning.  Lots of fluids, home-made chicken soup, oregano oil twice a day; this has to be one of the foulest tasting liquids a person can take but it's known to have strong anti-bacterial/viral properties.  I feel like I can cope well with my teaching/marking load this week.

On another front, the snow is disappearing with the strong sunshine and it looks like spring is here for real... although I must say I remember a May 19th (my cousin Norman's birthday) when it snowed! I can't wait to use the new deck, so the furniture will be going up in April, I think.

DC has asked that I show a picture of my new hair style. Here it is.  This is me, after a full day's work, doing a load of laundry, washing yesterday's dishes and making supper, eating supper and writing this post in bed. Not bad for an old dame huh?

Talk to ya later,



Lizette said...

Hello Beautiful!

Stella said...

Lizette, you are an angel for visiting and especially for leaving a gift behind. Merci!