Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Swiss Triplet

We were on Napoleon's route

Sisteron fortified city

Precious cargo-birthday gift

Birthday boy Edi

Birthday boy's grandchild Zara

Thunsee boat trip

Whenever we talk about a short trip, we call it a triplet; our triplet to Switzerland was mighty fine.  Although we had a fair amount of rain on the day of the birthday party, the landscape was still stunningly beautiful. And what a party it was...

10:30 vin d'honneur: champagne toast with meats, bread and cheeses
12:30 departure for lakeside restaurant
1:00 - 4:00 three course lunch in a Gault-Millau reviewed restaurant
4:30 - 5:00 paddle boat ride on Thunsee
5:00 taxi bus back home
5:30 cafe-kuchen (coffee and cakes)
11:00 last guests leave

The food and drink were fantastic, the hosts charming and attentive and all around, we had a very nice time.  V. was in cousin-heaven as he is an only child and his cousins Edi and Kurt are like brothers to him.

The next day, we had a short drive to Gruyeres where we had booked a quaint hotel on the square and ate cheese fondue for supper.




Lizette said...

What a great road trip! Living vicariously through you two! Enjoy every minute. p.s. the pigeons here are fine!

Stella said...

Oh! My friend and colleague... You still see the. pigeons from your new digs?