Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Harvesting Lavender

Last time I spoke to you about cleaning the gardens at our home.  We had to do a lot of trimming and weeding and cutting lavender.

That's our neighbor Leigh and me in the foreground both of us looking stunned.  Lee was cutting the lavender, I was picking it up and cleaning out the bed.  There must be a dozen plants on the property.

Today, I pulled the precious buds off the stalks.  I only did a fraction of the pile we harvested.
This lovely stuff has to be put to use of course...  It could stay in the bowl and scent the surroundings but wouldn't it be nice in little cotton bags in the undies drawer?

Industrious Stella


Lizette said...

Lavendar is my absolute favorite thing to bath in,to cook with, to bake with...and of course, to put in the drawer with the undies!

labergerebasque said...

oh smell it :/