Friday, November 16, 2012

November Weekend

We've had a pretty grey week thus far in Sunny Alberta. As I write this, I see a patch of almost blue sky between the buildings outside my office window.

The usual Friday buzz: «What are you doing this weekend?» is going to start after lunch so I'm thinking about it now. Saturday: sleep in, play with my new old skeleton keys just received from France; I'm going to try to get the rust off and make: key rings, necklaces and maybe frame some?  They are the real thing, so lovely I could just display them in a bowl.  I have little ones too, to make jewelry with. After that, I'll work in a walk with my loved-one.
After that, I'll do some reading, make a nice supper and go out to see the new James Bond movie with V. and D.  On Sunday, I have to start working on a report that will take me several hours, do laundry, make supper, get ready for work and read.

What are YOU doing this weekend?



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